At Polly’s Farm

Several days ago, Polly told me to come over and she’d walk me through the process of making bread with yeast. I put my painting and writing aside, loaded the ingredients I needed for cooking, and headed over to her place. We worked in the kitchen for some time, humming along with Brandi Carlile. From [...]

Candid Coal People

Derick Thompson, better known as Candid Coal People, a one-man band, released a new album, Big River and The Infamous They, recorded while stuck at home as a result of Covid restrictions in 2020. And the album is a prize. Though I’d been following his journey on Facebook, I didn’t realize until a few months [...]

Free Libraries, Simple Pleasures

Mazie Werner gives some of her books to the library and takes a story. Free libraries are popping up in Tifton. My friend Polly Huff has a free library provided by Tifton Twentieth Century Library Club. Made from a vintage newspaper kiosk, it is located in Pebblebrook and filled with children’s books. The day I [...]

Used Cows for Sale

Used Cows for Sale.  The sign will lead me to Emory Tucker’s house, or at least that's what I've been told. Emory is my father's first cousin. My driving directions are scant, nothing more than a few confusing words I scribbled down when I first called Emory to ask about exploring his land. Hahira. Truck [...]

Bury ‘Em Here

2013: I left my husband at home to play bridge with his buddies and went to meet a couple of friends for a day of grave hunting.  The oppressive South Georgia heat was not merciful. It wasn't a good day for outdoor activity, but my friends and I had made plans and we would stick to [...]

Richard, Pull Over!

I took some nature photos while in North Carolina last week.   During a sightseeing drive, my daughter told me that she and a friend, Robert Reid Goodson, who used to be the Director of Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts, now a theatre arts teacher in North Carolina, get a kick out of my [...]

Dogwood Blues Free on Kindle Unlimited

After Jennifer Garner shared a quote on mine on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, I've been contacted by numerous people wanting to read Dogwood Blues, my novel. A Kindle edition is available at the link posted below. And it is free for Kindle Unlimited! Take advantage of this free offer while you can. If you've [...]

“Eccentric Garden” Open

I will always cherish those times when my husband slips into my office when I’m writing and puts a small vase holding a freshly cut camellia on my desk, those times when I’m busy cooking and he walks in, his hands full of luscious camellias for me, those times when he takes me around the yard to show me his favorite blooms.

Addition and Subtraction

It is a Tuesday. The month is July. In two days my mother will be dead. As a writer I know to build the suspense one scene at a time. Stretch the tension. The rules of style, even those I reject, are tattooed inside me. But this is my story and I will tell it [...]