Richard, Pull Over!

I took some nature photos while in North Carolina last week.

Black-eyed Susan on the roadside.


A beautiful July day in North Carolina.

During a sightseeing drive, my daughter told me that she and a friend, Robert Reid Goodson, who used to be the Director of Tift Theatre for the Performing Arts, now a theatre arts teacher in North Carolina, get a kick out of my calling out for Richard, my husband, to pull over to the side of the road so I can snap pictures every time I spot something of interest.

Roadside scene in North Carolina.

“Mom, you call out, Richard, pull over! Every few minutes, Richard, pull over!”

“I don’t.”

“Yes, you do. Doesn’t she?”

My husband says, “Yes, she does.”

“I’ve been taking pictures of you for Robert Reid. Pictures of you on the side of the road near timber rattlers that are probably hiding nearby. When Robert Reid gets a picture from me, he tells me stop.”

“Stop? What does he mean by that? Stop?”

“He means he’s laughing and can’t take much more fun.”

“So you’re making fun of me?”

“Would we do that?”


My daughter documented my photo taking in North Carolina, using Snapchat to send pictures to Robert Reid, pictures that reveal me on the side of the road, my camera aimed for a shot, my husband in the car waiting for me.

I did take some decent pictures with my camera, though.


Brenda Sutton Rose is the author of Dogwood Blues. 


Change has come to Dogwood, Georgia, dividing the town, friends against friends, neighbors against neighbors. With the liquor referendum on the ballot,  signs, declaring VOTE YES, others declaring VOTE NO, many signs as tall as billboards, pop up in yards throughout the city limits. All of Dogwood has an opinion. And the local newspaper, Dogwood News, reports it all.

When Boone Marshall , a blues musician who  inherits the family farm after his father’s death, brings home a new bride not long after his first wife’s suicide, Nell Sauls, the town busybody, goes bat crazy spreading rumors that have no substance. And when Kevin Kilmer, award-winning author, moves back to Dogwood, the town where he’d grown up, and brings with him a husband, Nell makes it her business to drop gossip like bird poop up and down the historic district.

Compared to Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, to Cold Sassy Tree, and to the movie Steel MagnoliasDogwood Blues is as southern and true as a story can be.

DOGWOOD BLUES  by Brenda Sutton Rose was nominated for a 2015 Georgia Author of the Year Award for First Novel. She has been the guest at numerous books clubs that chose Dogwood Blues as their book for the month. She has taught writing workshops at conferences for new and upcoming writers.  Click here to purchase Dogwood Blues.