My Journal

Artwork by Annabelle

Annabelle Branch is a young, upcoming artist with a flair for design and an eye for shape, form, and color. Armed with little more than COPIC markers, paper, watercolor paints, colored pencils, and her imagination, she creates note cards and drawings that dance with life. Naturally beautiful, Annabelle has long dark hair and flawless skin. [...]

“Eccentric Garden” Now Open for Georgia Camellia Trail

I will always cherish those times when my husband slips into my office when I’m writing and puts a small vase holding a freshly cut camellia on my desk, those times when I’m busy cooking and he walks in, his hands full of luscious camellias for me, those times when he takes me around the yard to show me his favorite blooms.

On the Hunt for Graves

I was at Martha’s Vineyard a few weeks ago when my phone rang. Emory Tucker, my father’s first cousin, was on the other end. “Brenda! Where are you, girl? I’ve got another place to show you where you’ll find some old graves,” he said, his voice booming, softened around the edges. Emory knows I’ve been [...]

Writing Sanctuary at Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing

The ferry chugged from the mainland toward Martha’s Vineyard. Seduced by a cool breeze and sunlight refracting off the water, I stood on the deck, facing my destination, blurry and indistinct in the distance. A dozen hues of blue draped the sky. Leaning against the guardrail, memories stirred in me, resurrecting the thrill that used [...]

Island of Hydrangeas

  Twelve years ago, I persuaded my husband to plant a hydrangea in the garden. When I married him, a gardener of amazing skills with a deep appreciation for the beauty of a diverse garden, he grew plants flaunting texture, shape, and color. Yet marriage often taps into the creative juices of newlyweds who have [...]

Searching for William J. & Susan Royal Story

If you read my posts, you know I’m writing my second novel, and you know I enjoy searching for forgotten graves. It’s what I do. Last week, though my husband seldom accompanies me on my explorations, he decided to tag along since I would be searching in Turner County. He'd grown up in the area, [...]