My Journal


  When red clay's between my toes, and the sun's setting over my head, the ghost of my mother blows in, riding on a honeysuckle breeze, oh lord, riding on a honeysuckle breeze. Her teeth, the keys of a piano. I play her grinning ivory notes with cadenced fumbling fingers, splattered with paint, textured with [...]

Wild Blooms Beside Georgia Roads

I’m up to my knees in blooming weeds beside a paved road in the country. A battered truck slows to a mere crawl and the driver calls out, “Everything okay?” “Yessir! I’m taking pictures!” He breaks into a smile that spreads across his dark face like an invasive blooming plant. His voice holding laughter, he [...]

South Georgia’s Seductive Pitcher Plants

Earlier this week, after exploring an abandoned cemetery, my husband took me to a bog to show me a magnificent display of yellow pitcher plants under pines. The carnivorous plant, native to this area, is protected in Georgia. The leaves of pitcher plants are tall and shaped like a pitcher. Ants, bees, and all manner [...]

Bees, Tombs, and Crumbling Graves

As I moved from one grave to another, my husband warned me to keep some distance from a tomb that was swarming with bees. By not getting too close to the vault, we were able to avoid the bees, and they ignored us.

Artwork by Annabelle

Annabelle Branch is a young, upcoming artist with a flair for design and an eye for shape, form, and color. Armed with little more than COPIC markers, paper, watercolor paints, colored pencils, and her imagination, she creates note cards and drawings that dance with life. Naturally beautiful, Annabelle has long dark hair and flawless skin. [...]

“Eccentric Garden” Open

I will always cherish those times when my husband slips into my office when I’m writing and puts a small vase holding a freshly cut camellia on my desk, those times when I’m busy cooking and he walks in, his hands full of luscious camellias for me, those times when he takes me around the yard to show me his favorite blooms.

A Cat’s-Eye Marble

When I was a child, the school bus would stop at our house in the country before the morning had barely begun to stir. During the cold months, while waiting for the bus to arrive, my breath would exit my mouth like fog. I didn’t want to miss the bus, yet neither did I want [...]

Inside a Dead House

I drove down ochre dirt roads, sometimes tinged with Indian red, the roads sandwiched between deep ditches, and turned off one country road onto another, again and again, intending to travel as deep in the countryside as possible. Tired of being shut in the house, tired of writing and staring at a computer screen, I [...]

Keeper of Graves

  Mrs. Miller asks me what I believe in. Just like that. No warning. Out of the blue, the slim woman with dark coffee-colored skin tosses the subject of spiritual beliefs between us, tosses it between the cemetery where she stands and the edge of the woods near me. I’ve been searching in the wooded [...]