Artwork by Annabelle

Annabelle Branch is a young, upcoming artist with a flair for design and an eye for shape, form, and color. Armed with little more than COPIC markers, paper, watercolor paints, colored pencils, and her imagination, she creates note cards and drawings that dance with life.

Annabelle at work.

Naturally beautiful, Annabelle has long dark hair and flawless skin. She has her own unique fashion style and looks absolutely adorable wearing a hat. Annabelle is so graceful and vibrant that I suspect she’s a dancer, yet I know she’s an artist.

Interested in fashion design at an early age, Annabelle started drawing, teaching herself when she was about twelve or thirteen years old. Over time, she no longer limited her interest to fashion and challenged herself to become a better artist, learning the right balance of shadows and creating movement that seemed fluid. She continues to learn and expand and take on projects that spur her to be better.

A few months ago, I asked Annabelle to design some note cards for my niece. After studying a few photos, she drew Jacy, a bookworm, in a whimsical, semi-realistic manner, sitting in a stylish chair, her blonde hair loose and curly, hanging to her shoulders, an opened book in her hands, several novels stacked nearby. Annabelle personalized the cards even more by adding titles to the spines of the books she’d drawn, the titles taken from novels on Jacy’s shelves.

Annabelle studied this photo before designing note cards using Jacy as the subject.
Though not shown in this photo, Annabelle added titles of Jacy’s favorite novels to the spines of the books.

I loved the design! Annabelle’s interpretation of my niece was everything I wanted. And when Jacy saw the cards, she told me she was thrilled, more than satisfied.

Annabelle is glad to customize designs for clients. Her Facebook page is Artwork by Annabelle, @artworkbyannabelle. Her email address is

A young artist with the lifetime of art ahead of her! Don’t you love it?

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