Dogwood Blues

Thank you for reading! Numerous book clubs in the South invited me to their homes to speak about Dogwood Blues. I was touched by their kindness, interest in my book, insight into the themes and motifs, and the process of my writing.

I’ll leave you with a few comments I’ve received about Dogwood Blues.

“You writing is poetic, so much so that I feel that I’m reading both a novel and a poem at the same time. It’s beautiful. Please write another novel soon.”

“I loved to hate Nell. She’s my favorite bitch ever.”

“The theme of miracles in Dogwood Blues touched me. I noticed that Jasmine hopes for a miracle. Jake doesn’t believe in miracles. And Kevin catches a miracle. In the end I think they all receive miracles. Not miracles related to religion. Miracles of living.”

“I like the way you used Letter to the Editor of the newspaper to represent the issues of the community.”

“Thank you for addressing the issue of homophobia and racism. You made me think about my own life and how I treat others. We can all do better.”

Check it out on Goodreads. Leave comments. We all love to read!