For the Love of Mud! For the Love of Art!

I stopped by GMA this morning to get a preview of the Walter Hobbs potter exhibit. The scent of wood fire greeted me and led me through an exhibit of fresh pottery!

I call this a flower arrangement “frog” but it could be many things.

Polly Huff, Gallery Curator, told me that every piece in For the Love of Mud is for sale, and every kitchen piece is fully functional: dishwasher safe, oven safe, and microwave safe. I touched pieces, but I probably shouldn’t have. I’m drawn to texture, though, and I couldn’t stop myself. I could see and feel texture on many of Hobbs’ works of art.

You must take the time to tour this exhibit! Ask about the casserole dishes in delightful shapes. A variety of forms and glazes make even the most utilitarian dishes extraordinary art. Ask about the Fish and Field series of coffee mugs. Take a look at the wine mugs. There are fun pieces, sleek vessels, and items with sculptural, poetic elements.


Details of a mug in the Fish and Field series.
A vessel with a delicious glaze.
Mr. Hobbs makes kitchen pieces that are interesting enough to display anywhere in the house.
Whimsical and fun!
Red clay used in some of these pieces.
I love the center of this vessel. I think of spilled ink, family stories hidden in unused ink.

The exhibit opens to the public with a reception at 10:00 AM, Saturday, January 27. Pastries and coffee will be served. Mr. Hobbs will be at work in the gallery and available to answer questions.

Yes. I’m impressed.

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