Welcome to My Eccentric Writing Life

Welcome to this crazy cyberspace dwelling. It’s nothing like the place I call home in Georgia, the place with 2,000 books, old and new pottery, hand-carved walking sticks, turned wooden bowls, paintings and art hanging on every wall, and rocks I collected from my travels. Cyberspace has no secret garden hidden behind the house, no fire pit and red wine, no winding paths and hidden niches, no goat cheese and hummus. Still, I invite you to pour yourself a drink, read my blogs, and explore my website. It’s not home, but it’s the best I can do for those of you thousands of miles from here.

My debut novel, DOGWOOD BLUES, is a work of southern fiction. A tale of humor and heartache, the bulk of the story takes place in Dogwood, Georgia, a small fictional town near the Alapaha River. If you don’t live in South Georgia, you might not know about the Alapaha River. Named by the Indians, it is a beautiful river that flows into the Suwanee River.

As for DOGWOOD BLUES, think the blues, musical blues. Think gossip. Think romance. Think betrayal. Think soul-searching and life-changing. Think southern.

When I’m not writing or painting, I’m usually out gallivanting, exploring the countryside. I find peace in nature, in the scent of tea olive and confederate jasmine, in the crunch of footsteps on autumn leaves, in the aroma of liquid earth that flows down the river. I hope my love of nature stains the pages of my writings.

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